[Feature] Support Docs

There is nothing I like better than a clean beautiful GUI. Earlier today I was looking through some documentation sites trying to set up some things on my computer and I started looking through several “wiki” like tools for different hardware, none for Purism.

Luckily, most things in Linux work similarly.
However, this did get me thinking about Purism.
A great place to get help with Linux issues is the System76 support documentation.
100% of which is licensed under a CC license:https://github.com/system76/docs/tree/gh-pages/_articles

This could be very helpful tool for users switching from Apple to Purism or from any proprietary hardware.

My feedback for the Purism website is to create an easy-to-use documentation for users to write articles on how to use Purism hardware and PureOS.

Examples may include installing games like Lutris and Minetest to stuff like replacing RAM and storage.

TL;DR : Feature Request: Support Documentation

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Nominally, I think that will end up here:


But there are a lot of higher-priority tasks on Purism’s plate at the moment I think, so documentation is still somewhat sparse


As another newcomer to PureOS, I too would greatly appreciate seeing some more documentation like that be made available. Obviously not right now- But later down the road, when Purism maybe has fewer pressing matters at hand.

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