Fedora Packages for Flashing Coreboot/Pureboot

I am considering giving Fedora a try on my Librem 13v4, but want to know I have the ability to flash Coreboot or Pureboot properly once I do. The instructions on the source page for the updater script list the packages for Debian/Ubuntu-based systems, and while I can determine many of the counterpart packages on Fedora, I am trying to figure out how to install which packages are included in the “build-essential” metapackage.

Forums I have searched have suggested that many of the build-essential packages are included in the “development tools” group in Fedora. Does anyone have any experience with flashing Coreboot in Fedora and know what packages you used?

Can you boot (LiveBoot or otherwise) Debian/Ubuntu just for when you want to change the firmware? Unless you are planning on developing your own firmware (hence update to test, repeatedly) maybe that is good enough.

Updating the firmware should be possible. However at the moment there is an issue that prevents Pureboot from working properly with Fedora.

The issue is on Fedora’s side, and it is being worked on. @MrChromebox has more details I think.


Could you ( or @MrChromebox ) elaborate on this, what is the issue? I have a librem 15v4 with Pureboot. I was seriously considering installing Fedora 31. Are you saying it won’t work at all? Should I remove Pureboot (back to Coreboot) for Fedora to work?

Please let me know.

@dude This issue has been solved with the lastest pureboot version


Is there a standard bootloader that can :roll_eyes: