Feeds (flatpak)


I have this one on my PinePhone, looks nice and works though scaling is off once you go to open a link due to the browser handling.

Does it work better in that regard on your Librem 5?

Looks good to me:


I’m pretty sure it uses whichever browser you have set as default. Mine is Web (Epiphany). Is that what yours is?

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Awesome thanks for that, Im still using non-ESR Firefox so looks like I’ll be trying some other browsers then for sure.

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Sorry…couldn’t resist! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol way to prove a point!

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I switched my default browser to Firefox-ESR, restarted, and checked Feeds again. They seem to scale the same, but I think the page doesn’t scroll as smoothly. I like Web better for this app, but at least you know you can use Firefox for the app on L5 with no major problems.

Edit: It’s even jerkier if you enable javascript in the preferences in Feeds.

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Interesting to see the differences, for me Epiphany is slower to load/scroll in general use - I think I had toggled on JavaScript or the like prior.

I’d also like to think Purism has the upperhand on optimization, thanks for looking further into it!

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…coming soon to the deb repos as well.


Would love to see this also in de regular repos, as the flatpak app is unusable slow and lagging with scrolling.

@dos: I thought that the PureOS repos are an exact copy of Debian Testing with some PureOS extras. Gnome-feeds is currently available in Debian Testing, but not in standard repos available in Librem5.

That would be Byzantium. Amber, which is currently used on the Librem 5, is based on Debian Stable (Buster).

Why would that be solved with repo packaging? There’s nothing inherently slower about an app installed with flatpak than an .deb is there?

Flatpak uses unpatched GTK3, which doesn’t handle scrolling heavy content with touchscreens very well (unfortunately there’s little chance for upstreaming that particular patch, but at least GTK4 has that fixed).