File manager problems - L5

Thanks for any help that may come forward here.

When I open “Files” on my L5 it takes me to the screen with 'Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Music" etc. I am trying to get to my sd card and other drives as required via, I think, “Other Locations” . When I launch “Files” I do get a brief look at the window I want, just a glimpse, but it moves past it to the window above.

I have been access this before, but now its not playing the game.

Any help gratefully accepted.

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For me it works to tap the little symbol at the top-left corner of the screen, then a menu is shown with such things, including “other location”, and from there “Computer”, which takes me to the root of the filesystem.

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You can toggle Nautilus’ sidebar by tapping the icon on the top left of the interface:

Thanks. Yes, I can get that far (now!), but nothing opens. If I tap it will highlight the folder, like say "Documents " but I can’t open anything in there. For example I can’t open a text document by going in that way, but I can open it via "'text editor " tge app.

The phone hasn’t been turned on for a week or more. Strange beast.

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There is also the issue that you cannot tap a file to open it, I got around that by bringing up the keyboard (small button at bottom-right corner) and then pressing the Enter key on the keyboard.


Thanks. I just found that that method does indeed work. But I also found that documents would open ok if I changed the view of the initial window with docs, music etc in it. It opens by default with a list. If I change it so that I have folders going across the page, rather than the list that is horizontal down the page, then things like text files open with a tap.

I’ll have to attack this later. Things like employment call. A linux task awaits tomorrow. Love these challenges (when I’m in the mood…and not say, in a hurry)!