Finding World News Podcasts

In the PureOS app store, I ran in to a few different podcast apps. After installing two of these apps to my Librem 5, I started thinking about podcast content. On any Apple or Android phone, you’re going to find only a very specific kind of mainstream primarily American news and other approved media, even when exploring news content about other countries. Typically just to get access to any podcast, they want to identify you by your Google or Apple login, or if not they want you to create a login for their website as a requirement to listen to their content. What I am really looking for though (ideally), would be more akin to anonymous listening to shortwave radio. No one knows you’re listening. Ideally if you’re listening to a Russian or Chinese brodcast (for example) in English, you want to get the news from the Russian or Chinese perspective. Of course even on your Librem 5, intelligent people know that there is no internet anonymity. But we can do better by not signing-up to give away our privacy and by not joining in to the group-think with hundreds of millions of other people.

Although I consider myself to be a loyal American, the news coverage I receive always creates the same charictures of the same players on the world stage. It doesn’t matter which American network I listen to, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, some things are not debated much here in the US when it comes to how America fits in to the world community. Some countries and their leaders are always bad. If we are at war with a country or if we are supplying weapons to their enemies, then these countries aren’t just bad, they are evil. In fact they are so evil that they don’t even have any arguements to explain their evil side of the dispute (really?). If they do have their own positions, you won’t hear many of those arguements in mainstream American news brodcasts. The enemy is just evil and in need of defeat (not that I blindly believe that). The news reporting tends to end right there. All other world events, whether about war or about peace, are equally decisive and contain clear conclusions that are drawn by the “experts”. Even as Americans “we the people” are just supposed to get in line with what the experts tell us.

So as someone with a relatively free client device, capable of listening to any voice of my own choosing on the internet, where would I find brodcasts from other parts of the world, with which to educate myself? The ideal information source would include:

1.) News brodcasts in English from foreign sources.
2.) Multiple different sources so as to avoid listening to only one biased source.
3.) Hopefully I won’t be forced to log-in to gain access.
4.) Ideally the brodcast will be streamed. I might be able to string a hundred foot antenna, buy a shortwave radio, and listen to very poor radio reception, as a means to find maybe one or two good news sources. But that’s probably doing it the hard way.

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There is one source you do not matched. Payed News Papers, or social Fediverse Groups of some Country. They do some Podcast and you can find a dispersion in political views.

Today we still have a world where the People use the Internet and Apps and with it the Algorithms aims on Focus groups with data leak. So every News Paper have some kind of taste and preset political view. If you do not like this you have to Meet People Analog, in real Life and ask them. But they would use read and Watch that personalized Internet Media too.

What i think is that no human is evil. We are all together on the earth and have different culture and if we meet and chat together we can learn from each other to create something new. Like a new language new areas new markets, new products. On the Chess board we have to play again each other. But the Time on earth is counted so we should do the best to reach together aims.

The best way for you is to learn the language and visit other families in that country an spend wealth, money or time for them as holiday, to connect societies and fears about the climate change.

The Internet and the accessibility is still there, even everyone use Apps and modern Golden Cages.

In Germany its not so worse. We have many sources with free ogg, mp3 or opus downloads. And we have a public financed television and radio stations which do free radio and internet video storage too with ad free content. I think this has some kind of region IP lock. And not all is in english, mostly german or french.

But i am sure there will be or is free fediverse content for your country too. There was the reddit to fediverse (lammy) shift these day’s …

Its just about the personalized algorithms in Alphabet, Meta, Apple or Amazon stuff i think. And that its not well understood what that include.

Before 2020 some youth folks travel around the world, by bike or and meet humans in every country as hitchhiker and the view was pure and focused on the humans in the countries they traveled by and they talk about there dreams, worries and hove for the future… so i do not understand why politics try to play off someone else, ok just for economic profit, and greed. But this will not safe our planet or brings more technical milestones.

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Yes, I think that international pod casting might be a good path toward making positive changes in our world. Perhaps it might become necessary to use a VPN connection if governments and corporate interests block content from certain sources. Even if I disagree with someone, I want to know what they believe, and why they believe what they do believe. Any media source that reports one-sided news should be seen as spreading propaganda. Right or wrong, It’s easy to spot for those who pay attention.

This issue becomes important as countermeasures available through free software and hardware protect not just your privacy and the freedom from advertising, but also the right to protect the freedom to receive the freedom of speech from others of your own choosing. As an American, I believe that freedom of speech is everyone’s inalienable right, no matter what country a person lives in. No government anywhere can justifiably recind the freedom of speech to any individual anywhere. And when they take away your right to listen to the free speech of others, they also attack the freedom of speech of both the talker and the listener. Let everyone everywhere discuss everything. Reasonable people will distill the truth. If US platforms can’t allow those of us in the US to speak freely, let us connect directly to media sources outside of the US.

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I would think VPN + unique (temporary?) email address.

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I use GNOME Podcasts on my Librem 5.
Here I search for podcasts:

You have to choose “Copy RSS” in the podcastindex site and paste it in the small window you get when you click on the plus button in the GNOME Podcasts app.

In GNOME Podcasts you can also select “Export shows” and “Import shows”. You can use this functionality manage and sync podcast lists on different devices.


There is actually this thing called “radio”. You can listen to it. It used to be a thing before podcasts. There is and app. Interestingly called “Shortwave”. It’s anonymoys listening too! :innocent: :radio:


World News Group is a great world news podcast.

I am a ham radio operator and am familiar with the pops, hisses, and intermittent access to shortwave skywaves. It works. But programming is limited to only certain times of day/year/eleven-year-cycle. It’s not quite the cd quality listening experience to make an understatement. Plus many broadcasters abandoned shortwave radio after the cold War officially ended.

Thanks to those here who offered some good tips. I’ll check them out.