Firefox add-on with PureBrowser


Why I’m not able to install add-on from firefox on Purebrowser (like dictionaries for example) ?
PureBrowser isn’t based on same development ?


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this action seems not working anymore,

trying to install the add-on ‘ublock’ on purebrowser, even setting the value to ‘true’ it is mentioned that I need to install firefox

It seems to work better from the Extensions panel, not the ‘Get all add-ons.’

Please try this. It might work for you too.

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For anyone having the same issue, I could not install anything from the extensions panel, but the following seems to work:

  • When you’re on the extension page on “”, go to “version history” in the “More information” box.
  • There you can download any version (including the latest one) and install it

If you have not tried it yet, @mladen later posted a work-around that might make adding extensions easier. It is at the bottom of his “Firefox Compat Mode” fix page here. I have not done this myself, so I cannot say how well it works.

I did not see that. I like the workaround with the version history for now, but this might come in handy if it no longer works in the future.


I just wanted to let people know that it looks like this doesn’t work anymore. Firefox is just showing the “Get Firefox Now” button everywhere. Pretty disappointing of them to actually go the extra mile to block forks from accessing the extensions and add-ons. Makes me want to stop donating…

It also looks like useragent.compat is already set as true by default in the latest version of PureOS. So you only need to add the missing general.useragent.override string.

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There are quite a lot of assumptions there. I assume that this is more the case that people are trying to install legacy (not WebExtensions) that Mozilla no longer supports because it isn’t secure or safe.

You’re right. I think I was too pissed for the fact that they completely blocked Firefox forks from accessing their extensions. But that doesn’t justify what they did in my opinion.
It’s also important to understand that this is for any extension or add-on on Mozilla’s official extensions page, so I don’t understand why they would host themselves versions that they don’t support.

If somehow they’re trying to protect users from fork browsers to install add-ons or extensions that might not work in these versions, all they could’ve done was to add an extra alert informing the user that the extension was developed to Firefox and neither Mozilla nor the developer can guarantee compatibility.

So is there anything I can do to get the addons I am used to from Ubuntu Firefox? I can’t even get PureBrowser in my own language (Swedish).