Firefox is officially available as a Flatpak


great ! now install LibreJS and go visit that site again :slight_smile:


It’s convenient to be able to run a cutting-edge firefox on PureOS this way, the only drawback seems to be that it doesn’t pick up the GNOME theme.

Flatpaks in general don’t pick up the host system theme, you need to install the same theme via flatpak

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Thanks, I never even thought about installing a theme inside flatpak, but I’ll try that.

this is a good link about theming flatpak applications:

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Thanks, that seems easy. Unfortunately, my theme (Avidity-Grape) is not currently available as pre-packaged flatpak.
It’s likely better to make a flatpak file and install that. However I managed to hack around this for now with a manual copying hack.

Upsides: Official upstream package with support and flatpak sandboxing.
Downsides: Theming and font issues due to the inherent nature of flatpaks.

Not an exhaustive list and am only comparing to flatpak version vs regular distro build.