Firefox Not Terminating Properly

When powering off the phone, the PowerOff window will display ‘Some applications are busy or have unsaved work’ folled by one or more lines of ‘Unknown Application’. This has been occurring for a while now. ‘ps ax | grep fire’ reveals that Firefox processes are most times not being flushed each Firefox is terminated.

Anyone else encountered this?

I have reflashed with both recent and latest OS versions. I don’t recall exactly when this issue started occurring; I did contact support but subsequently requested closure when I thought a re-install of Firefox fixed the problem but it turns out a Firefox session with certain websites does not cause the problem. Finally, I have only one about:config mod to disable of H264 that I’ve used for a long time.


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Never, but I also activate all of my hardware kill switches just before turning off the phone for the next several hours or more.

I created a workaround using a script file ‘start-firefox’:
killall -KILL firefox-esr


I don’t know about Firefox, but my Thunderbird seems to use up resources. When something freezes I can close T-Bird and the other program unfreezes. They’re still put out by the same source, right?

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