Firefox screen resize

I had my L5 docked and Firefox open in full screen. I did something to shrink the browser window to smaller than full screen. I could not find a control you would find on a desktop machine which causes a window to fill the screen ( not F11 type full screen mode, just normal maximize window ). You know the big rectangle and small rectangle at the top right of the screen that switches to a rectangle, or a diamond shape. The minimize/maximize controls.

Best I could do was reside the windows by dragging the corners.

Where are the minimize/maximize controls?

You can open it via a terminal and add some flags, this way you can easy open firefox with a custom size:

$ firefox --window-size 1024x768

But like on every Desktop, if you have a Mouse at your Docking station, try to double click on the Main-Bar on Top of your Firefox. Like the space right of your Tabs. This Way it should maximize or minimize it by Mouse.

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What I usually do is double-click the title bar to maximize.

If you prefer the keyboard, you can go into settings and set one under the “Keyboard Shortcuts” panel.

I don’t know why your window controls are missing but if you are docked with a keyboard you should be able to press Super+Up to maximize

Don’t why they are missing either. All I have is the X to close the window.

Super+Up and Super+Down work as advertised. Thanks.

Double click at the top of the screen also works.

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