Firefox very slow on L13 v2 and v3 - why?

I have two L13 v2 with Debian and v3 with Ubuntu.
They are both uptodate
They live in different location with different providers
Both have problems in connecting to the internet
They are both quite slow on browsing with firefox
How can I tell if the problem is in laptop connected or internet service provider connected?
Thank you

Yeah both are Linux opensource OSs that is updating Blobs without you consent.
Anyways you can start see cpu task in HTOP when using the opensource-drm-firefox. FF is formally a browser governed by the Opensource Google.

By internet do you mean “WiFi”?

I guess the fault isolation for that is … get yourself a USB dongle for gigabit ethernet. See whether things are substantially better if you use ethernet. Assuming that the equipment at the location allows for a direct ethernet connection. You probably want to do a speedtest with that configuration.

Obviously you have told us nothing at all about what kind of internet is involved here and what expected performance might be, as limited by the internet connection itself.

Does “different location” mean that you only have ready access to the computer at one location? or you have ready access to both computers but not at the same time?

Are you suggesting that other browsers are better? Have you tried other browsers?

Are vanilla downloads inherently slow? For example, when you do an sudo apt upgrade it shows you the download speed that you are getting and that is by definition independent of any web browser (but could be limited by the repo or repo mirror).

yes :slight_smile:

yes that’s a good idea - I suppose a hot spot from my phone will work too

yes they do - two different home environment with two normal ISP routers

in the UK - with both supposed to be connectde to Fibre or some sort of high speed interent

Two different non-commercial location(homes) with two different L13 connected to two different routers with two different ISP


Chromium and epiphany - and I am not sure they are any faster

Not sure - doesn’t feel like it

Slow? It might be your internet connection. Or the Way our routed Systems try to access and have kind of an update…

Do something else, share your live with more important stuff, and not with the internet.

I’m unclear on precisely what configuration you are proposing here but: probably not. At the end of the day, the sending / receiving WiFi on the Librem 13 is the same WiFi - and hotspotting through the Librem 5 just adds extra data handling (on a relatively underpowered device).

(lucky you)

I would suggest a speedtest from a client connected to the local network via ethernet. That is your upper bound on what could ever be achieved.

Then try to fault isolate as to whether it’s WiFi or browser.

Whatever you decide is the problem. Re-set both of the Routers firmware to the latest version with new passwords. Look on the internet to see if the Routers you are using are ‘not’ overly prone to some kind of malware.

Who else is on your connection? Someone who might have an infected computer? or who is downloading movies?

I would have first tried a Live USB of one of the more basic Linux distros, that you are a familiar with. Run a Speed Test from that. For me, that might be using, “Tails” and of course only the un-trusted browser for a speed test. If I have the latest version installed to the USB, then I should have a late enough version of Firefox that the speed test is accurate.

Might be a mouse chewed thru a cable to a router. In my community, whenever it rains the Internet slows down. Not my house, apparently the main cable is effected by rain.

Used to be that Fire Fox had these issues, and the Firefox site offered a reset button.

Maybe you have malware? Might be an opportunity to dust off your knowledge and run an outgoing connection monitor. Personally that would be challenging to me.

Do you ever run a Network Monitor that gives information about how much information is going in and out at what speed?