Firefox vs. Chromium

Hey everyone,

I noticed that Chromium is running better on my laptop in terms of speed. Also there are a few apps that I am unable to gain access to because firefox blocks them…and that was not the case all of the time.

Are there some ways I can make firefox run smoother and access these apps that I want to use? Or is Chromium also safe option to use?


Totally with you on not wanting to live in a world where there is only Google. I had been using exclusively Firefox but there are a couple of apps that are not getting through without them being blocked, even though I have it set that they have permissions to pass through the blockers.

Any recommendations or ideas about what I could potentially do to solve the issue?

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I have had a good experience using LibreWolf ( It is basically the latest long-term support release of FireFox with a lot of privacy compromises stripped out and defaults added that are better for privacy.

I haven’t done any true benchmarks, so I might be imagining it, but it seems snappier and less bulky than FireFox when loading a page.

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Thanks a lot, looks like a great option.

Try to use RSS if you can. And if you have some time. Try to understand Shell Programming or another Programming or Script Language you like, to write at the start some simple Script or Code, to fetch Websides you like and to extract Information you like.

You can do this with E-Mail too, like Spam filtering and write Rules to filter you Daily Mail. And about that way you can have kind of a nice hobby, less Advertise and Privacy Cookies and really less waste time with Devices trying to nudge your behavior.

However, it is ugly if your Bot got locked out with Captcha and “Are you a Human?”. And its often no solution to Social Media, cause a live-Feed is kind of a illusion, Posts, Toots and Tweets have a Delay or a Cache-Issue and got different Filtered Places in Timelines. So you can RSS grep every 15 Minutes your Friends open Feed without App and direct Messages. But if he/she post a personal Message to you. There is a chance that you only get it with delay or in embedded with others posts in the timeline.

I still use Firefox and chromium if i have to. Its just… the usual internet feels broken and if i talk with young folks they mostly use Apps and less Webpages. So… there is already an ugly shift ongoing.

I think it needs less then 10 Years and the Internet we saw today do not exist any more. Today we have already a drift from One Page for all, to a personalized one for the target group. That will grow.

What makes me laugh is… i try to do the same. Filter Content to be raw, or with less spam/advertising/personalized rating - i like. However, i think it is important to… still have the control over the Content you get, your information you leave in the system and like in the 1990th, to have the power of switch the channel via “remote control”. Today most folks can only toggle random by a swipe up or down.