Firewalld blocks all network traffic after upgrading to byzantium

I just upgraded the pureOS on my Librem13v2 from amber to byzantium and now I have no network, neither outgoing nor incoming.

I found another post here indicating that firewalld was recently(?) introduced to pureOS and that it can cause problems.
There, the suggestion was to temporarily disable firewalld, and sure enough after rebooting without firewalld everything works as expected.
But there was no suggestion for fixing firewalld, how to find out why it isn’t working, or what to do after “temporary”.

Hoping for sane defaults after a clean re-install, I…

  • removed firewalld completely (apt remove firewalld; rm -rf /etc/firewalld)
  • rebooted
  • and re-installed it again (apt install filrewalld)
  • but still nothing.

It also seems odd to me that when firewalld is running I get an IPv4 address (via DHCP?) but no IPv6 addresses (except fe80::… which doesn’t count :wink:). Without firewalld, IPv4 and IPv6 are configured perfectly.

I also installed the firewall UI, but it hasn’t helped either.

Thanks for your time, and of course any tips :bowing_man:


After a break and some more research I discovered that ufw was previously installed, and is in fact still active.

As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time on the command line, it took me a while to work that out.

I’ve now uninstalled firewalld completely since ufw is already doing the same job.