Firmware: coreboot 4.18-Purism-1, PureBoot Release 24

coreboot 4.18-Purism-1

  • Rebased on upstream coreboot 4.18 release/tag
  • Fixed left-side USB-C port on Librem 14, super speed now works in both plug orientations
  • Updated Intel microcode to latest releases:
    • CNL: F0 -> F4 (CPUIDs 806EC, A0660)

PureBoot Release 24

  • PureBoot Basic: Add USB automatic boot configuration setting.
    • When enabled, bootable USB devices are booted by default instead of the installed operating system.
  • PureBoot Basic: Boot first installed menu entry by default.
    • Default boot options no longer have to be configured manually, and no reconfiguration is needed if the OS kernel is updated.
    • This can be disabled in configuration to configure a custom boot option instead.
  • Ignore device specifications in GRUB menu entries - fixes PureOS installer’s GRUB/EFI boot options.
  • Rebased on HEADS upstream master branch (139ecb8)
  • Updated all devices (except L1UM) to coreboot 4.18-Purism-1 (tag)

As always, you can update using


Also i will happy if you get perform an smart hack to run Coreboot without Microcode compat Pure OS, i just not want not need intel ridiculous blobs sign in on my L14.

I hope you also do not run any proprietary javascript, otherwise it could probably read all your passwords from RAM…

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The sources are available to you so that you can remove the Intel microcode yourself. Right?

Whether that gives you

a) a computer that won’t boot at all, or
b) a computer that has a security regression (missing out on important security fixes), or
c) a computer that is completely satisfactory

I don’t know.

If i remove the microcode from coreboot then the system crash after seconds of boooting, because ME partitions need a ridiculous microcode sign to keep machine ON. So we need to wash more blobs from ME to prevent microcode sign. IMHO Purism need stop using intel.