Firmware openness status for various devices?

I have looked all over the website and failed to find an answer to a rather simple question: what is open-source in a Librem laptop, exactly? and are nice, but fail to mention e.g. the wlan adapter firmware, ethernet adapter firmware, and the like. And given my past experience with marketing, this gives the impression that you’re not mentioning those because they are not actually all that open.

I feel I would be able to make an informed choice if I could see a table listing all the devices for every Librem model along with the link to firmware source code; and if there is no source code, the mitigation status. Such as:
Librem 15 uses wlan module model X; firmware can be obtained at link.
Librem 15 uses webcam model Y, firmware is closed-source. Mitigated by a hardware kill switch.

Having more transparency on this front would benefit both Purism and the customers. The website as it is right now created FUD instead of convincing me to buy a Librem laptop.