Firmware update for Librem 13 v2 fails - does not find Intel ME Firmware Repository


I am trying to update my firmware on a Librem 13 vs like described here

using the linked shell script

The megadown(load) in the shell function get_and_patch_me_11 stops the shell script execution without a message (because it redirects to 2>/dev/null which is not very nice IMHO :wink:

The reason is that the download URL in the script is wrong now (Intel has uploaded a new version):

# Link found on :
# Update link if it changes and becomes invalid.
SKL_ME_FULL_FILENAME="Intel CSME 11.0 Firmware Repository Pack r53/$SKL_ME_FILENAME"

Can you (at purism) please update the links and verify that the script is working again?

Thanks :slight_smile:


PS: Yes, I could do this by debugging the script - but the risk of bricking my Librem is too high since I am not into the nuts & bolts of the firmware update procedure…

Please use instructions provided here:

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Thanks a lot, it did work using option 2 (“update firmware using precompiled image”) - no mess no fuss no brick no fun :wink:

Just three small notes:

  1. Should the wiki be updated (the installed firmware is 4.9, the wiki knows only 4.8)?
  2. A link in the wiki to the above installation instructions would be helpful
  3. Why is the image build date May 16, 2019 but the Intel ME repository release date June 29, 2019?
    Is the firmware behind INTEL?
  1. Yes, but we have no time for this now, and we have other plans with the wiki, so it’s in hiatus at the moment.
  2. See 1.
  3. I call @MrChromebox for help

Absolutely no urgent issues and OK for me, I have an updated firmware now on my machine, thanks again!

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we don’t update the ME firmware just to disable it, there’s no point in doing so. The ME version has been fixed since launch.


Best answer I have ever read here :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
… and absolutely understandable :slight_smile: