First steps with a new Librem 5

I’ve had a search but couldn’t turn anything up, not to say it doesn’t exist of course.

Is there a step by step guide about the first things suggested that I do with a new Librem 5? I want to get things right from the get go so if there is a beginner sort of guide that would be marvellous.

Any tips or pointers very much appreciated.


Hi Brad
Congratulations with the new L5!

Have you read the sheet (inside the box of the L5) with title “Thanks for buying… … how to get started with your phone”

If so, then the first time boot process will lead you through some basic steps to get started.

If you own a Linux Laptop/Desktop I would suggest to make a back up of the currrent state of the phone. This can be done by using “Jumpdrive”.

There are several messages about “Jumpdrive”.
A good start you can find here.



There are a lot. This is a good place to start: Where to start with new phone

Also, I follow the LinMOB blog: He has had some good tutorials and setup links from time-to-time. I find it to be a great resource for Linux Mobile, as a whole. Otherwise, the moderators and long-timers here: @FranklyFlawless, @amarok, @irvinewade to name three, are great resources.

Also, I found @Kyle_Rankin and his post to be invaluable, especially this one: My First Year of Librem 5 Convergence – Purism


Yes. That is a conservative approach. For me: do the basic set up and then back it up. However there’s nothing stopping someone from doing both. It depends on probability of breakage / amount of tinkering. :slight_smile:

Don’t know but I would say:

  • set proper passwords for a) encryption passphrase if applicable and b) unlock PIN
  • make sure that your phone has picked up the correct date/time (manually fix if not)
  • then get it on the WiFi
  • then apply updates
  • set timezone
  • import Contacts
  • configure email client (Geary)
  • do backup

(I’ve omitted a few, more technical, things that I myself did.)

After that it may come down to what you personally intend to do with the phone.


Here you go:

Librem 5 - Purism - Librem products documentation

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Thanks everyone. The phone arrived today and is currently charging away. I won’t get to it proper until the weekend, but can’t wait.

I don’t expect much from a phone so this will be fun.