First time user, 2nd boot Librem Mini

Hoping someone can set me on the right track. After successful first boot and updating software, on reboot pureboot finds changes to /boot and requests pin. I’d forgotten what the factory set pins were so I just switched the machine off. Now when I boot I basically go into the recovery shell. What must I do to re-sign /boot with the updates ? What can one do in the recovery shell in general? I’ve found the boot options but am unsure which option to choose.

Thanks in advance!

Hey check through the docs here: Pureboot Docs and see if you still need any further assistance.


I have checked these docs but it’s not obvious what I should do. Should I do a factory reset ? Does that affect the software installed ? It seems to me all I need to do is update the librem key with the new signs. How do I do that? Is that what a factory reset is ? It’s just the key that gets reset?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

ok I figured it out. Didnt notice the option in the pureboot menu. Pretty straight forward.