Flashing PureOS on a Samsung phone?

Hello all.

As I read in FAQ that librem phone would probabely run Android, I understood that a phone that was designed for Android (Samsung S series) would probabely run PureOS…

I have a S7-2018 iddleling around there :rofl:

Question: is there somewhere a flashable ROM image of PureOS ? Or a source GITHUB tree for that ?


For current android phones you should probably have a look at postmarketos (not pureos)

PureOs uses Gnome which would also be possible for postmarketos https://wiki.postmarketos.org/wiki/GNOME_3

I assume purism won’t invest efforts to port pureos to other devices, however they work open source so hopefully other people like postmarketos use it so that the user base can be as large as possible for linux on phones.

Once you had a look into postmarketos you will see that calls do not yet work and that most of the devices don’t support a lot of stuff. Even the Galaxy S3 which was partially mainlined sucked once I installed postmarketos with plasma mobile due to lacking graphic drivers support.



Hello Maximilian thanks for this answer.

I was wondering about PureOS, because I already know other alternative OSs, forked mainly from Android.

So PureOS is not available for flashing. Right :slight_smile:


PureOS is Linux kernel + a custom Debian Testing + Phosh (GNOME for mobile).

Linux mainline kernel does’nt include all S7’s drivers and Purism’s PureOS isn’t design to boot with this SoC, so it can’t work.

If someone ports S7’s drivers to Halium, you will able to make it work in combination with PostmarketOS and Phosh:

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