Flashing to Byzantium

I had the same problem om ubuntu 20.04 and upgrading to latest 21 release solved the problem.


There’s no autofocus in Megapixels at all, neither upstream nor our forked version - the upstream version can only trigger autofocus when it’s implemented by the sensor itself, and our sensor does not do autofocus on its own.


(and @amarok)

I would get a level of comfort by booting Jumpdrive first and imaging the entire eMMC drive. If flashing byzantium (or flashing anything else) goes pear-shaped then there’s some chance of at least reverting to what was present and working.

However if you (@amarok) are running Mint then building Jumpdrive will be an extra amount of pain.

Support for the Librem 5 has been baked into Jumpdrive for a while now, pre-compiled binaries for the Librem 5 are available from their Releases page, there is now no real need to build it from source.


@dos Good to know. Thank you for correcting me here. Without sensor driven autofocus is there anyone working on something in software for the camera?

@irvinewade - Good point! Always feel better with a backup image.

/me raises hand. When we take the last 2 months, even ceaselessly.


:pray: TY for you work! The excitement continues!

If there would be a functioning Calendar-App, there would be nearly anything I need.

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I have a problem flashing the Librem5. I have ubuntu 21.04 but, when starting << ./scripts/librem5-flash-image >> the terminal replies << / usr / bin / env: “python3”: No such file or directory >>
I searched for solutions but I can’t: does anyone have a solution?

Try running this first:

sudo apt install python3
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thanks but dont work

Can you give more detail. That package should be available in ubuntu’s packages: https://packages.ubuntu.com/hirsute/python/python3

Thanks but all necessary packages are installed. On the internet it looks like a problem or file related, because it would have a CRLF at the end of the line, or because it doesn’t correctly recognize / usr / bin / python3. I also used sudo ln -s / usr / bin / python3 / usr / bin / python and sudo apt install python-is-python3 but … it doesn’t work

I can’t tell whether all those rogue spaces are actually present in the commands you are seeing and/or typing, or they are an artifact of posting in this forum.

The first line of that shell script should read (or does read in my copy, to be more precise):

#!/usr/bin/env python3

So there is only one space in that text (after “env”).

If that is the first line of the script and the script doesn’t work then the first diagnostic step is to use the command
which python3
to verify that python3 is recognised.

On my computer (Ubuntu 21.10) I get the output
showing that python3 is installed and in my path, which means that just typing python3 at the shell prompt should run Python (which it does). (Use Ctrl+D to get out of Python.)

I haven’t explicitly installed Python (wouldn’t know a Python from an ASP) but maybe something else that I have installed has a dependency on Python or maybe it is installed in Ubuntu out-of-the-box.

I would recommend against running random shell commands like the above, particularly if running them as root (sudo). You can easily make things worse, not better.

Yes, maybe. I don’t know how you downloaded the script so that it would have a CR at the end of the line but that would definitely break things e.g. I took a copy of the script, removed all its contents except the first two lines, added a rogue CR at the end of the line, and now executing the script gives the error:

/usr/bin/env: ‘python3\r’: No such file or directory

In that case I would be inclined to redownload the script (and whatever else is needed) - so that I had a good copy of the script !

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PS I downloaded my copy of that script using git clone ... no doubt following some instructions from Purism’s web site.

Thank you, you are very kind I hope to be able to follow your advice tonight.

Thanks I did it.
First I updated ubuntu to 21.10 and then performed the procedure and everything was fine.
Thanks @irvinewade
Best regards


I cannot even download the flashing script. In terminal when I enter git clone https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/librem5-flash-image.git

I get response saying - If 'git' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this: cnf git

sudo apt install git

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Thanks. Although in my case it’s sudo zypper install git