Flathub Apps Not Appearing in PureOS Store

I’ve installed the repo from the shell, but the flathub apps don’t appear in the PureOS store. It also doesn’t appear as a listed repository in the PureOS store. I’m able to install apps in the Flathub repository from the shell, but would prefer to be able to browse/manage them from the GUI.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

If you’ve installed Flathub correctly, the flatpaks should be mixed in with any search results in the store. Try searching for, say, GNOME Dictionary, and see if it finds both versions (pureos-amber and flatpak).

I’ve noticed if I’ve already launched Software before enabling Flathub, then the Software app doesn’t read the Flathub apps until I reboot.

No secondary sources appear in the PureOS Store on the left for GNOME Dictionary, but can clearly install it from Flathub in the terminal on the right. Have done many reboots since first installing apps from Flathub.

It also doesn’t appear under software repositories in the store, all of which are currently enabled.

Search for PureOS Store using the magnifying glass within the Store app, click on it, find a box called “Add-ons,” and see if it shows Flatpak Support “Installed” and a checkmark enabled.

I didn’t find any applications named add-ons. There was GNOME Extensions, but I assume that’s not what was meant.

Under the “Installed” tab, I do see the following two default installed add-ons, neither of which are Flatpak.
PureOS Store Addons

What you’re looking at, I think, is the Add-Ons category in the Software (store) app. I meant to go into the Software (store) app and then actually search for the store app itself (the one you’re in), using the magnifying glass. Then after finding the store app entry, click on it to see if it shows the Flathub as an add-on.

It’s a bit confusing that both things are referred to as “add-on.”

It seems like you tried to install gnome-software-plugin-flatpak, but perhaps what you really need is pureos-store-plugin-flatpak

Thanks @amarok, that seemed to do the trick. Clicked the checkbox under Flatpak on the PureOS Store’s app page, and after restarting like @leetaur suggested was able to get them to appear correctly. The other 3 failed to install via GUI, so now I’m off to search what I need to do in the CLI to consolidate them into the PureOS Store.

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Still, it’s odd that Flathub didn’t get enabled automatically when you installed it. Glad it’s working now, though.

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PureOS is a FSF “Free Software” distro. Tools like flathub, snap, and others can encourage folks to download and run non-free software. flatpak is in our repository because it is Free Software but it’s not configured to download non-free software.