Flickering since updates

I’ve been noticing random slow flickering of the screen when trying to unlock the phone.

What happens is:

  1. Phone is first been locked and the screen is blank (general not in use atm mode)
  2. I’ll press the power button to start the screen, and start typing in my password
  3. The screen will shut off after a couple of seconds while I’m entering my password (before I’m done)
  4. I’ll press the power button again to get the screen back on, and the screen will show where I left off trying to enter my password.
  5. I’ll finish typing my password and past the lock screen.
  6. Screen shuts off again soon after showing whatever was there (whatever app Iw as using last or the app drawer.
  7. Cycle continues a few times. It does go away if I’m persistent enough, but power cycling it also clears this issue.
  • This only happens maybe 10% of the time trying to get past the lock screen.
  • I do not have suspend turned on, so it’s not a suspend issue.
  • Started seeing this after updating the kernel, phosh and phoc.
  • I’ve never seen this at the boot login

Not sure if this is some strange hardware issue with the screen that just coincided with the updates or a bug with said updates. Any thoughts?

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It showed up for me after upgrading Phosh Mobile Launcher

I thought I was just one off, but ya I’m seeing this. Especially after night long charging / screen off

Yeah, same sort of thing here.

Does anyone know how to downgrade Phosh-Mobile-Launcher

I do not have this pkg:

purism@pureos:~$ apt search phosh-mobile
Sorting... Done
Full Text Search... Done
phosh-mobile-settings/byzantium,now 0.26.0-1pureos1 arm64 [installed,automatic]
  Phosh and related settings for mobile

phosh-mobile-tweaks/byzantium,now 0.25.2-1pureos2 all [installed,automatic]
  Pure Wayland shell for mobile devices - GSettings tweaks

Why do you have this?

happens on phosh/phoc 0.25.2 regardless of battery state, whether screen is locked or unlocked, blanked or unblanked.

Where the screen repeatedly will turn on and off after power button release, or where you turn the screen off with power button and on release it immediatelly turns back on (that happens all the time for me especially when plugged into USB charging), the screen does not really flicker just blank/unblank repeatedly without user input (that can even keep going for me indefinately where i had to restart the phone once so a regression of sorts).

I believe once phosh/phoc 0.26 or higher is out it has a few power button release type fixes that will hopefully resolve this regression.

I’m on

purism@pureos:~$ apt info phosh
Package: phosh
Version: 0.25.2-1pureos2
Priority: optional

and I do not see this.

0.26 is experimental so not released yet as stable.

This came through the repos a couple days ago for me.