Flutter compatibility

I don’t know if PureOS is compatible with flutter (or flutter compatible with PureOS)
But It could be nice particularly for the Librem 5 to have the benefit of Apps build with flutter


PureOS for librem5 is not even finalized yet. Therefore there is no target API for flutter to implement/abstract even if flutter devs wanted to. Given librem5 existing user base (0) you can be sure they don’t have plans to do so.

Librem 5 + Flutter + Kotlin, is this too much to ask for? Jokes aside, if Flutter will be compatible at some point in the future it would be a huge benefit for librem phone. Flutter could be compatible with PureOS but it depends like lolaum said on flutters devs and not PureOS devs.

I don’t know much about flutter but I agree it looks worthwhile. I’ll take a look.

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