Fn ctrl button order customization

I have searched over the for a while, but I could not be able to found the answer. QA I got they are about keyboard layout by not command button layout

I normally use rMBP and fn is located in the left most corner because of that. My composite short cuts has ctrl + alt + command combination

My shortcut can not recognize fn button because it is function button


  1. Can I order customized purism keyboard to be fn, ctrl?
  2. Can I use Apple keyboard and track pad with purism?
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As I type I’m using an external usb keyboard and an external usb mouse on a Librem13v4.

Short: You can use any usb keyboard, mouse or touchpad that would work with PureOS. As PureOS is mostly Debian (with some restrictions, no closed source firmware inlcuded) most devices that work with Debian will work with PureOS.

To check you could install a PureOS on any computer with usb (on which it would recognize the usb ports - just to say so for the unlikely event that there is usb hardware out there not recognized by PureOS) and try whatever devices you like to make sure they work.

BTW: I switched recently to my Librem and had to get accustomed to the changed keyboard layout (different cursor keys, different location for Fn, different location for insert and delete, etc. pp.) and it took not more than a week to get over it :wink: .

So even if you’ll not carry around external hardware - there is light at the horizon and you’ll get used to the new keyboard.

BTW, for reference: The Fn-Key does not send any key event on my Librem13. Can be tested using the program evtest (has to be installed by sudo apt-get install evtest).

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Thank you ChriChri. I might carry external keyboard