Fogotten passcode

Dear All,

I was changing my passcode used to unlock the screen form the booted phone.
And now, stupid me, I forgot this passcode :’ (.
Is there a way to reset?
Or how can I re-flash the phons os?

I could not find information about that in the official documentations or in the forum:

I was looking for something like the linegae os flashing instruction but for librem5 and pure os.

Any help or useful link appreciated!
Thank you, Fagus


Cool! Thank you, rcu!

My wife put a passcode on her new Android. When it first rang she couldn’t put the code in fast enough to answer a ring.

She changed her phone lock method and trained her hands to go faster by the way. Took her a week to get that right or left swipe just right. She was used to just tapping.

If it’s not too late then, yes, you can reset the password without wiping everything out by reflashing the phone.

Method A: Only useful if you did the needed things ahead of time …

Create a second user on the phone, give this user sudo access, install and enable the SSH server, if relevant then give this user SSH access in.

Then you can SSH in to the phone, and use sudo to change or clear the password for the purism user.

Method B:

One-off: Build Jumpdrive on your PC.

Boot your phone via USB connected to your PC so that your phone boots Jumpdrive.

Your phone will then expose the eMMC drive (and the uSD card if one is inserted) via USB. You can then mount the eMMC drive on your PC and clear the password for the purism user from your PC.

The assumption is that your PC runs Linux.

An alternative to mounting the eMMC drive on your PC and fixing the problem from your PC is that you can telnet in to the phone and directly do whatever repair actions need to be done.


thank you @irvinewade!
I run linux. but for me it was easyer to reflash the phone.
now, having all adresses on nextcloud and the phone reflashed it starts to become usable. finally!
in any case, thank you for the hint! fagus

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