For all of you who have patiently waited for your laptop preorders fulfillment in the past

I simply wanted to thank those who have demonstrated their patience and stuck with Purism through the rough ride. This blog post is for you, particularly the two charts that, I think, illustrate very well what you have allowed Purism to accomplish. :confetti_ball: :tada:


Extrapolating, shipments will soon precede orders! Awesome!


I’m so happy with your post since I must be the patient customer you talk about :slight_smile: .

I’m actually still waiting on my laptop I ordered in November '17, but it’s not all your fault. The courier you use for repairs is not quite skilled in “couriering”, so it’s stuck in customs for the second time.

Well, thank you for the thank you, and hopefully I will not see the same issues with the Phone I ordered, also.

Take care and looking forward to the Librem 5 :slight_smile: