For Sale Librem 5 European Modem

Hi, after two years wait I received the phone late this summer. Like many others I had to buy another phone while waiting. Since it arrived I have only tested it for few times in the house never taken it out with me. I am selling Librem 5 as I now need Android phone for my sea navigation connection and I can’t justify two phones. Librem 5 is out of the box (original box is still with the phone) and is like new. I have not set a price and will accept a genuine and reasonable offer. I am happy to ship it within EU. Phone is located in Ireland. PM me here with your offer or if you have any questions. Thank you.


Unless you’re hurting for cash, here is another thought just cancel any services and save it for antiques roadshow 50 years hence. “Of the original Librem 5’s few were made, and fewer survive today …”

And keep the receipt, for provenance. Let your great grandchild present it.

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tracy, what a novel idea… On the other hand best leave them something more substantial.

You know that your Android Phone catch every glimpse of your life to train A.I. or Ad-Networks for best profiling?

Try to hold it and use it for privacy…

Hi Christal, the phones are not the only devices spying on us… While waiting for the phone I restructured my life so that rarely use the phone as phone. Even less do I hook up to Wi-Fi… Android allows me to extend the use of my navigational instruments in the boat. The phone is surplus and it would be better if someone else could use it and enjoy increased privacy.

For many in the forum long wait is still a fact. Why not to buy phone that is available now? At reasonable price…

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You’re too late. Shipping parity is reached months ago… Your best selling point is “paying in Euro and shipping inside Europe” and maybe the price, but not really the waiting time.


Thanks for the correction, Ick.

Hi! the post actually made me sign up to the forum instead of just passively consuming. However, it seems I can’t send a PM as a new user. Considering is selling the L5 for $649 via coupon right now, what would your asking price be?

Hi Soeren

If you are in Europe and buy from US you need to add to purchasing price shipping cost and import duty roughly minimum 20% depending on your country.

Like I said in my posting I would like to get a firm offer in Euro as phone already is within EU. I am not looking for maximise the price but expecting reasonable offer. So what would you be offering?

You can use one of my emails so we can continue in private should you want to buy the phone.

I do apologise if me posting an email address I break the rules in the forum.

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Probably not against the rules but probably unwise just because of spam. I would create a new junk email address for the purpose.

The rules say:

Personal information: we’ll remove information identifying you if you contact a moderator. If we believe you posted your personal information by mistake, we may remove it and let you know.

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Hi irvinewade, thanks for your reply and advise. That is my “catch all other stuff” email… So no harm done…

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How much are you willing to sell it for?

Hey Gumbi, make an offer and we will see what mutually agreeable price will be. PM me here to get ball rolling.

Hello! I’m interested on the Librem5 I live in Spain. I’m not sure how to send you a DM.

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Click on someone’s username, and then you should see a blue message button appear.


New users (first time poster) may be prevented from sending private messages.

First question though: @JKO is it still available for sale?

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