For sale: Librem 5 Evergreen w/ CE/FCC certification & BM818-A1 (North America) modem

I recently received the Librem 5 Evergreen with CE/FCC certification and BM818-A1 (North America) modem that I crowd-funded. I’m glad to have supported the project, especially software like Squeakboard, but since that time, my circumstances changed (mainly an almost 2-year old :baby:), so I am looking to sell it. I opened the package once to confirm it starts up and take photos, but haven’t used it otherwise or opened any of the accessories.

I’m asking $950 (USD) – which is right between the $699 I paid (in 2017) and the current price of $1299 (with 52-week wait time!) – plus actual shipping cost. (Most convenient for me is USPS, so I will cover the first $10 of USPS shipping.) Or best offer.



id be interesred $800

Shame you had to sell after the long wait

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@Captain_Morgan Still interested? Yours is the best offer, and I’d rather not do Ebay.

Do you still have it for sale?

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hey sorry for the late reply i am going to hold off on the purchase for now.

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Yes – make an offer!


This is still available, and I still don’t have time for it :-/

I’d rather someone has it who will use it, so make me an offer :slight_smile: