Forcing display of on screen keyboard

I have a few apps for which the on screen keyboard does not pop up
when an entry field is displayed.
Is there a way to launch the keyboard manually ?


There is an icon sitting on the right side of the bottom bar (displays a little keyboard). If you press on it, the keyboard pops up.

Screenshot from 2024-03-13 09-28-03


Actually I don’t have that icon on my librem5… probably because I upgraded to newer versions of phosh (0.36 right now).
But your answer pushed me to check in that direction and actually
newer phoshs have a small bar at the bottom and I need a long press on that bar to make the keyboard to pop up.

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phosh (0.36 right now).

You’ve piqued my interest… Are you running some OS other than PureOS Byzantium on your L5? Or did you build phosh from source?

I am curious how you’ve got phosh 0.36.

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I use l5-fetch-next script from to install latest phosh deb files on byzantium. Note that those deb files need to have been compiled by the upstream, for example last time I tried to get phosh 0.37, the script still got 0.36.