Forum needs a link to main Purism site

Is there a way to get to the main Purism site from this forum? If so, I’m not seeing it.

I obviously can use my browser bookmark, but a direct link at the top of the forum would be useful.

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:rofl: I do know where it is. Lol! I just think it would be useful to have a direct link in the header above the forum.


Sorry, I just couldn’t resist this time :joy:


This got me several times too. I just learned to memorize it.

(Although I wonder who they paid to get a domain out of San Marino?)

Wait, what do one has to memorize about that when the forum is on the subdomain and the main page is just :laughing:

Well actually it is prefixed by “forums”, one has to type over it or on a new tab simply The browser should fill in any https and slashes.