Forum Quote Bug

Just thought I’d go ahead and report this tiny bug that I noticed.

When you highlight someone’s text, you can press a quote button to quote it. But in a situation where you’re quoting someone who’s quoting someone else, it’ll often also copy the name of the next person they’re quoting for whatever reason.

Not sure if this might be some kind of highlighting/selection bug or what. Happens in Chromium at least, not sure about other browsers.

Incredibly minor bug though. All it does is add an unnecessary “-Name” line to quotes for some reason that you have to remove.

Also, if I may make a suggestion - make a full-page New Topic / Comment maker that we can use if we want. I for one am not a fan of typing in this pull-up textbox thing and having that as the only option.

Great job on the forums though. Saw the news post, and the gif of Moss with the burning computer, haha.


I agree on the last part, but they installed Discourse, so you may want to send feature requests to