Forum ToS Mention "Advertisements", and Google Search is Offered?

Hi there,
I just found your forum, and while I actually wanted to ask multiple questions regarding Purism’s possible use of the FSP blobs, I stumbled about two small unrelated privacy questions:

  • When reading the ToS there is something written about Advertisements. Does this mean, there is advertising in these forums? I currently cannot see much though since I’m using an AdBlocker…

  • When I use the advanced page search of this forum but I cannot find a particular search term, the search suggests me to using the Google search field right below it. Is there any explanation for this behavior or am I just being too pedantic and actually everything is just fine?

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EDIT: Maybe those point(s) isn’t exactly related to the Purism forum itself, but rather to the Discourse SW?

Btw. Props @Purism staff for making the L5 happen. Me is highly interested :blush:

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I’ve never seen any advertising - well other than for Purism’s own products. :wink:

I’m not using an AdBlocker although I am blocking a small number of unpleasant domains.

Fair question. It certainly isn’t ideal. If Discourse gives a choice (I have no idea), there would be better search engines to suggest - or …

even better not to suggest a search engine at all. Many users of the internet would be capable of conducting their own search of the forum using a search engine and it is unclear what a search engine would find that the built-in forum search does not. So the biggest difference is whether you share the fact of the search with Big Sponge.

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