Forums gamification features (badges)

I want a way to get rid of notifications about shit like “Used the first emoji”. It’s offensive to act as if using an emoji is considered something to receive praise for. It suggests that users on this forum, arguably on an intelligence scale way above average, are idiots.

Please add a knob to get rid of that shit when signing up. I don’t care if you keep records of such achievements for internal purposes, but just don’t tell me about my “achievements”.

It’s a standard feature set by default with Discourse.

Do others in the forums despise this also? Personally I didn’t hate this, I found it a bit amusing even, so I had left it that way…


No strong feelings. A bit annoying, but after being on several Discourse-powered boards can say I got used to it.

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people tend to love decoration, medal, awards but you need to give those as something you can stich to your shirt to make it fully work. it would make people so much prouder! (no i dont use emos here)

I liked them. After several postings though, their existence or lack of becomes a non-issue - they become very rare.

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I’m just glad you guys don’t use some obnoxious ranking system.

Most forums have those and it just influences people to spam.

And for what? A pointless icon next to your name that nobody but you will care about?

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