FOSS on Mobile Devices - FOSDEM 2022

This weekend there’s FOSDEM 2022 with a very extensive “FOSS on Mobile Devices” devroom, which may be of your interest:



Whole schedule:


L5 kernel talk coming up don’t miss it! /

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FOSDEM’22 Livestream - mobile:
Direct link:

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Thank you @martin.kepplinger!

In 10 minutes starts:

I just would like to thank you guys for this panel. I knew about FOSDEM for years but this time was the first time I actually was following it, and that is thanks to your panel. Huge thanks to @evangelos.tzaras, @guido.gunther @dos, @dcz, @tobias.bernard, @martin.kepplinger and everyone else I forgot to mention (but who helped to make this happen) for this opportunity.


I just watched Martin Kepplinger’s talk about the kernel work Purism has done for the Librem 5. I wasn’t aware that Purism had worked on so many different parts, so it’s worth watching the part between 4:00 and 7:35 where Kepplinger goes over the history of their work. I found Kepplinger’s comments interesting about his difficulty writing the kernel driver for the front camera sensor and the problem of mainlining a solution to get around the silicon bug in the i.MX 8M Quad which prevents it from waking up from the lowest level of sleep. Kepplinger also mentions that he now has suspend-to-RAM working on his Librem 5 and he says that it roughly doubles his battery life. (He didn’t mention anything about the cellular modem being able to wake up the system when receiving a phone call, so I assume that waking from suspend is when the power button is pressed.)

Witnessing the problems that the PinePhone community is currently having because Megi’s kernel work is not being mainlined, it does make me appreciate the fact that Purism puts so much emphasis on upstreaming its dev work (Linux kernel, wlroots, geoclue, Coreboot, ModemManager, GTK, GNOME libraries).


Initially suspend to ram will initially not be enabled by default as there will still be tests to do and bugs to find and report :smiley:
But including the capability of the modem waking up the system when receiving a phone call or SMS is of course in our plans


His comment was basically: I would have never been able to write the camera driver by just following the official documentation. Because there are a lot of undocumented stuff


It works. Some modems don’t send the wake up signal and we’re still investigating that, but this affects only some units and other than that it already works for some time.


… and next year some real waffles. :wink: