Found a huge bug

My laptop started making a buzzing sound and I found this on the keyboard. IMG20171119161458


that requires some sort of special bugzilla to triage

This thread is precious.

The bug is strangely cute.

Looking at this post again, is your laptop sitting on… sand?

I like this kind of bug, the debugging is easy :wink:

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It does look like sand hey? It’s OK though I always rinse it off in the sea before I go back to surfing the net :joy::rofl:


I’m not sure I like what you are implying.
I’d never hurt little Chico. He has been set free to procreate in the wild, like all good bugs.

I think you understand my debugging wrong. It’s all about making the hard / software bug-free. I never said I would do something to the pretty thing. I would just take him to the green.

it is pretty huge! Looking at the gif though, it looks like the bug is buggy :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes his third left foot got stuck on the Purism key, it is too strong :smiley:

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you see, the ultimate proof that the librem is hindering bugs! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ah, is this the rare “sticky key” bug we’ve heard about? Finally, some proof of its existence!

I must warn the @zlatan-todoric before it is too late. I shall ready a horse.


The force is strong with Librems! Ride the horse over mountains and rivers, spread the word to other kingdoms that the 42 device is created!


This is what happens if you hit shift 5 times fast…unusable. Should be a cricket.

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Its not a bug. Its a feature! :grin:

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This bug is buggy because it is bloated. See and learn!

Yes it definitely had a limp and was unable to affect the sturdy librem