Fractal e2ee info

There is a roadmap for e2ee in fractal? Any chance to have it at day1 when librem5 will be released?
I hope it will be, because no e2ee mean useless message app in 2019


Do you mean e2ee enabled by default in new conversations?
Supposedly, this needs some protocol changes.
I assume, this is a step in this direction:

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I think what is being asked is about e2ee for Fractal specifically. From their GitHub:

Does Fractal have encryption support? Will it ever?

Fractal does not currently have encryption support, but
there is an initiative for it.


I was meaning the fractal e2ee support, not enabled by default

i hope gnome and purism could make it happen at day1, because in 2019 is not an option to write personal info with family and friends to unencrypted chat


There is an interesting development from the fractal / gnome team:

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