- FOSS alternatives to Google Software

I love this motto that I found on their website:

There is a long way to go, but the road is Free…

They have a lot of content in French so I couldn’t follow it all, but I really like what they do. Especially I love the project that aims to offer an alternative to YouTube called Framatube which is supposed to be a client of PeerTube (AGPL v.3).

I’m bringing this up to inform everyone on the attempts that are made to create a FOSS and decentralized alternative to YouTube. I know it’s not directly related to security or privacy, but indirectly it sure is.

Here’s one of their talks at FOSDEM. This video is hosted on one of the PeerTube’s server which has the purpose to demonstrate how the platform would work:


Hi @anon10067017,

Glad Framasoft managed to get some visibility outside our borders :slight_smile:

They basically offer instances of FLOSSoftware in order for people to use Libre services without the burder of setting up a host themselves. They offer among others Wallabag (Libre Pocket equivalent) and TTRSS instances as an example.

If you notice some sections of interest you cannot fully understand, I would be glad to help you: French is my mother tongue.

By the way, I also am willing to help Purism team with translation from and to French if ever needed :slight_smile:

EDIT: you absolutely have to love them. They launched an association of hosting providers willing to help de-googlizing the Internet. They are called C.H.A.T.O.N.S. (Collectif des Hébergeurs Alternatifs,Transparents, Ouverts, Neutres et Solidaires). “Chatons” is the French word for “Kittens”.


hey @thib
thanks for offering your help in translating some specific things that’d be of interest to me, I’ll gladly accept that and will PM you if need be. Knowing what “frama” means though, could be of interest to everyone, since automated services can not translate that.

They indeed are amazing. Hopefully we’ll have such communities in each and every country. :heart:

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Hi :slight_smile: For those interested, framasoft “suite” is being ported to, a self-hosting noob-friendly distro/server for web, mail… Each framasoft application (as well as a matrix server) should be installable on yunohost soon!
I run a framawiki instance on a raspberrypi and it was ready in minutes, I only look, to -maybe- move to wikijs.

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If I understand right, Yunohost will become a “chatons” of framasoft?

My understanding is that framasoft servers are centralized and not so rich on resources (crowdfunded for a large part) ; CHATONS are more decentralized structures that provide ethical hosting, and yunohost self-hosting can be used at atomic scale at litterally everyone’s house!

If I understand right, Yunohost will become a “chatons” of framasoft?

Kind of, or DIY-chatons for (not only) framasoft :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

I’m digging this thread out of the grave as Framasoft, the association/charity which tries to de-centralize and de-googlize the web, is crowdfunding the next version of PeerTube. You will find here their Contributopia 4 years campaign, which gives an overview of their work.That campaign has been illustrated by David Revoy who Purism has been more than generous with.

PeerTube is a sort of federated YouTube, comparable to what Mastodon is for Twitter. It uses ActivityPub, as Mastodon does.

It already works, and quality-content french YouTubers started using it (e.g. Thinkerview and DataGueule). If you believe in community-made, FLOSS products, you might be interested in supporting this campaign :slight_smile:

Note for French citizens: this campaign is aimed at an international audience. If you want to help Framasoft and PeerTube, you can donate directly to the charity through their donations page and get 66% of your donation in tax deduction.