Free and Open source software

Librem 15v4
Where does one download FOSS apps and music? Don’t want to download anything from the dark web.

Your starting point for FOSS apps should be the PureOS Store, which should be accessed by default? … well, assuming that you are running PureOS on that Librem 15v4.

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There are places where you can buy music and truly own it, like you did when buying a cassette or a CD in the old days, for example here (

There you can click “Buy Digital Track” and then you get it as an MP3 file, or Ogg Vorbis or other formats, that you can have stored on your device and listen to without restrictions.

There is also something called Funkwhale that seems interesting although I have not tried it myself yet, that lets you share music you have bought with friends via streaming, kind of like your own self-hosted Spotify:

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There are approximately 45 “applications” that are visible when you hover the mouse over the show applications icon. Is that what you mean when you say PureOS Store? Or is there an IP address for the store? Thanx

I will check those out, thank you. I also have some songs on an android device. Will they play on this laptop if I transfer them over via usb cord?

On a computer like a Librem laptop that runs the PureOS operating system, to start the “store” application, one way to do it is to click on that “show applications” icon that you saw, then you will get a grid of various installed applications, and the “store” is one of them, however I think it is actually called “Software”. Click on that one, then you are in the “store”, it shows a lot of apps/programs that are available that you can choose to install.

Note that there are some applications that are already installed (they are the ones you see via “show applications”) and then there are many more applications that can be installed, all of those you can see using the “Store” or “Applications” application.

All this became confusing when I tried to write it here but it’s not really that hard, I’m sure you will figure it out. :slight_smile:


I found it. There are actually 2 software applications and a while back I clicked on the other one which is for software and updates. The two softwares are on separate pages, so I didn’t realize there were two. This process of learning Linux is fun but has a steep learning curve for me. Much appreciated

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Also in this part of the country, we do not have cable or fiber optic. Our internet connection out here is about as fast as dial up. So streaming is not going to work. Even youtube takes a long time to run a video because of the buffering.

I might have thanked you in another place. New guy error. thank you

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