Free broken librem 13 v2

I have a librem 13 v2 that has a broken hinge. If anyone would want it for parts, let me know and I will ship it to them (shipping to continental United States only).
Besides the hinge it was working before the hinge broke. I removed the hard drive, and it is possible that other things broken when the hinge did.
If you want it, please give a brief description of what you need librem 13 v2 parts for. (If multiple people want it I will choose one person and they can email me the address to send it to.)


I could slap a new drive in and use this for work. I’m just getting started and refuse to go into debt. I’m creating a social network that utilizes various F/LOSS and respects it’s users. A modern machine would be a huge help even if it needs to be propped up or hooked up to an external monitor.

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How do you plan to repair the broken hinge? (tho’ you are right, it probably can be hooked up to an external monitor.)

There are threads on this topic, but basically you disassemble the hinges, loosen the too-tight nuts, superglue the screw sockets back into the frame and reassemble. Your hinges many end up too loose and your display somewhat “floppy” but there are metal stops in the hinge that disallow the display to lay flat.

This is what I did to fix my broken screw sockets (hinges don’t break, too tight nuts cause screw sockets to rip out of weak plastic).

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superglue has zero torsional strength, you’d want to use a proper plastic epoxy here


Definitely. Just gotta see what cable I need to connect it. I forget offhand what video outputs that model has.

I don’t plan to repair the hinge right away. I’d have to take a look at what’s wrong with it first.
It looks like other posters have good ideas. takes notes

Okay. BeaverTek, send me a message (or email jrincayc at yahoo dot com) with your address and I’ll ship it later this week. It at least has an hdmi output, it might have something else that can output video as well.

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