Fresh PureOS install, fails to busybox

Librem 13v3

Reinstalled pureOS via the latest image a few weeks ago. I’ve done a few apt-get full upgrade to keep things current.

Did a full shutdown and reboot. Now pureOS fails to load and boots me to busy box. Last line before busybox shows failure to load i915/skl_dmc_ver1_27

What is going on?


Is there any other error displayed? Did you pass the password encryption dialogue?

Can you boot with a recovery kernel? Press and hold shift when Purism logo dissapears, and selwct recovery.

No other errors are displayed; I can successfully decrypt via luks. The progress bar for loading proceeds very slowly; takes about 2 minutes, and then bails to busy box.

Attempting to boot from recovery has the following errors thrown:

Warning: failed to connect to lvmetad. Falling back to device scanning.

Okay, when you decrypt, and this hangs, try with entering vt2 (Ctrl+Alt+F2) and login there and upgrade via apt.

There was an issue with some plymouth module, but is supposed to be fixed.

Also, press ESC wheb you decrypt to see the output.

@rjrjr It’s unrelated to the core problem you’re facing, but I had the same lvmetad error message as you, and solved it by following these two simple steps to turn lvmetad off (it’s unnecessary from what I read):

Oh darn, I saw another post about that lvmetad that recommended a reinstall. Ah well, good to know I can bail to another terminal and try to upgrade. Will I have internet connectivity at that point in the boot cycle?

Thanks, I jumped the gun and reinstalled; I’ll check out that link in case it complains in the future.