Frogatto + Librem 5

So on my Nokia N900 (which was my first smartphone), I have a game called Frogatto. A really nicely made platformer (metroidvania).

Maemo 5 was using a Debian kernel (3 something I believe), shouldn’t it be able to run on the Librem 5, if I just copy and pasted the files over? I wouldn’t be able to play it, because the game is made for a physical keyboard or controller.

Just curious if other Linux users more familiar with software libraries here have any idea if this would work? I don’t know enough about how programs are packaged, and if they can be just copy and pasted elsewhere. And I’m sure that changes in the kernel are pretty drastic from 3.xx to today’s 5.xx.

Edit: Looks like this game is no beuno for a few reasons. The developer page says that the game uploads data during gameplay. Bummer. I guess I was always just so impressed that the N900 could run Quake 3, emulate Playstation and N64, and was just so limited, especially by today’s standards.

I don’t think the Nokia N900 has an arm64 processor but it’s in Debian Contrib/Non-free repositories anyways, should be easy to install in the Librem5

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It’s very likely that it can run on Librem 5, at it targets almost all platforms, including GNU/Linux. However, you have to purchase a latest copy of the game instead of copy-pasting from your Nokia N900.

The game keeps evolving after more than 11 years of its initial release (2009), as you can see in its official GitHub repository, there are commit history a few days ago.

N900 games running on a Librem 5 sounds like a question for @dos

Good point, it is arm32 based.

For sure. @dos if you got a minute. No pressure.

I did a quick check in the emulator and It runs, but a bit laggy and the window size is not fine, I’ll give it another try later.
I had to add debian repos to install it.

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Thanks! Great news! Of course running and playable are usually 2 very different things. Still running is required before playable becomes even a concept.

There are actually quite a few N900 games that would be great on the L5.

Did you figure out what this is?

Well they say it is anonymous and is for improving the game. The issue is that there doesn’t seem to be an opt out option.

I also found it odd that on their website, there is talk of only a Windows, Mac, and iOS version of the game. Although back in 2009 it clearly ran on Linux.

The game data (images, sound, levels…) is proprietary but the engine source code is a kind of open source and could be modified to remove any of this.

Sure. Of course if there was a program on Linux that would allow you to block internet access based on application, that would make this even easier.

On Windows you use the built in firewall or something like Tinywall (which is excellent).

I would think doing something like this with UFW would solve the problem as well. Just not that familiar with it.

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Apparmor is what you need, I think this is already implemented in PureOS by default.