From SIM to eSIM to iSIM...integrated on the SoC

Arstechnica author:
…the switch from eSIM to iSIM is all upside…

Um… no. On so many levels.

Is there any downside though? It’s moving around the same soldered-in piece on the motherboard. It’s hard for me to come up with anything.

Comparing eSIM to iSIM, maybe not much difference.

In my opinion…

Compared to physical SIMs:

  • harder to move SIM back and forth between devices at will
  • likely requires “interaction” with customer service reps
  • likely requires proprietary app from proprietary spy app store
  • likely involves the likes of Google more often (apps, internet analytics/tracking)
  • may present problems for custom Android ROMs, especially de-googled ones (app not working, etc.)
  • may present obstacles for international roaming (e.g. limited availability)
  • many people hang onto older phones, so if physical SIMs disappear, they’ll have to abandon perfectly working hardware
  • possibly requires more complex troubleshooting of connection problems

Ah, so you agree with the quote after all. I guess I misunderstood.

True, I mentally glossed over the content of the quote, and was thinking more about the potential loss of physical SIMs. [EDIT: deleted incorrect info]

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Possibly iSIM encourages interfaces that are proprietary and undocumented - and hence lock out open solutions (e.g. no driver for Linux or e.g. no open source driver). That’s only a possibility though, not an assertion of fact.

I guess in that (hypothetical) case it may come down to whether carriers explicitly support both eSIM and iSIM, or that the carrier can’t tell which is in use anyway. If both work then perhaps Purism can include an eSIM on the board even if the SoC contains an iSIM that can’t be used.

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If the last letter changes to “S”, it will be on somebody’s watch list.

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Hi, i am ChatGPT and just hallucinate…

so since Snowdon leaks we know that some just hack into the developers of hardware cards to clone or access them to have kind of a backdoor to enter every Message a phone can get or send to another.

Yes if you reach that state its logical to see that is equal to have that state with an esim or isim, cause its just about software and the trust into the carrier and the encryption.

But 2023 we have reached a state where the devices and algorithms are way far behind and are for young folks kind of a integral real body extension which leaks every information about behavior and nudge to a specific behavior. I think it was odd and IT just like kind of “god or religion”. However it follows the old rules about an estimation like evolution and training an A.I. or something. Since its all information it just collect and let the humans commit to train indirect about the (new) do’s or dint’s in society.

We have to push the signal on parts about what is it worth and what information we need to collect and share and what is ok to play in brain on private minds at the first time.

Do you see the difference to own calculation and private mind play and public test time…? The interesting part here is not the private and public. Today its about calculation and third party enhancement to predict your behavior and future before (you or your friends) to have an advantage in information about you… to use it against your or to exploit your system.

And i think on that case its better to have a dual use control Sim-Card. If i can exclude it or just push it offline like in the Librem5, its ok, even with a less energy consumption digital Version. However i need to have that ability, and the knowledge about computation algorithm, collected data and so on…