FUNDING IDEA for future projects

While I was reading the Librem PUSH post and how it needed funding it got me thinking about how the Monero community does funding. They have a couple sections in their forum where proposals are made with the the desired amount in Monero and provide milestones as the work is done. It would be great to see a section dedicated in this forum to funding apps/projects. It would really keep those types of posts organized and honestly I would love to donate in crypto to the developers creating amazing projects.


So, what does PUSH stand for? Is it an acronym?

It’s the push server for notifications handling, instead of having every app managing their own notifications.

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It can be an acronym e.g. PUblish/Subscribe Hubbub, as a reference to the publish/subscribe model that is often used for push notifications. Whether the person seeking funding intended it as an acronym I don’t know.

Monero really is an awesome community with an awesome project. It’s almost unbelievable that more people don’t hold and use it, given that it’s one of the few truly honest and decentralized crypto projects out there, that actually delivers their stated goals.