FYI: Pretty Good Phone Privacy

Researchers have created a new method of shielding phone users from carriers using a new set of MVNO algorithms.

A virtual phone service (like Cricket) can switch to these new algorithms without requiring their carrier to change anything. The new protocols mask the identity of the phone users from the carrier.

What is Cricket?

Can this be implemented on AT&T?

Or, can this be implemented on AT&T and also T-Mobile, and therefore be a part of Librem AweSIM?


That would be amazing

I wonder if we can get a Purism employee in the chat to answer a few questions? :wink:

Cricket Wireless is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the U.S.:

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If Purism implements this in AweSIM, they insure that I will buy it.

When not in quarantine, I spend a lot of time in Europe, especially Italy. I would be great to find an mvno who had multinational service so that I could travel with my soon to have L-5 from the U.S. to Italy.

AT&T and T-Mobile have international roaming add-ons, although they are typically a bit expensive. A small handful of MVNOs operating in the US also have international roaming options.

Edit: Examples, and bear in mind the VoLTE issue with L5 on T-Mobile (T-mobile MVNO) (T-Mobile MVNO)
Most in this category will be a T-Mobile MVNO.

Comprehensive info and reviews:

An international prepaid SIM such as Truphone’s is a pay-per-use option (i.e. no monthly plan charge), although the data can be expensive overseas, e.g. US$0.25 per megabyte. On the other hand, incoming calls and incoming texts might be free. It works on AT&T’s network in the US and can be kept active indefinitely by simply having credit stored in your account. (I have used this one for years, but have recently started buying local prepaid SIMs instead when in Europe.) There are other providers of this type, too, but they may be more expensive to use in the US.
This kind of SIM usually doesn’t accommodate MMS.

Some prepaid SIMs that you acquire abroad can be extended indefinitely. You can even find a couple of prepaid SIMs from European providers like Wind-3, Orange, or Vodafone for sale on Amazon.

If you’re able to go 100% data with no regular calls or regular texts, you may find additional possibilities.

This prepaid SIM information site is updated regularly and may be a good source of info for you:

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In practice, I am data only and run everything through a vpn back to a cloud server in the US that I tear down and rebuild every month. I have an Italian hotspot that I carry around which works but is inconvenient (data is cheap!).

$15 for 5 Gb is not bad for international roaming!

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I bought a prepaid VodafoneUK SIM from Amazon (which will also work in the EU, allegedly with no roaming charges, even now that we’re post-Brexit). I’m planning to try that on my next trip to Italy, if I ever get the chance.