Galileo as GPS addition


is it planned to include a Galileo chip in the Librem phone? From my point of view, it would be a great addition to GPS.

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High end smartphones later in 2018 should use Broadcom chip enables centimeter accurate GPS

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As someone who uses his phone as a GPS logger, a Librem phone with the Broadcom BCM47755 chip would be awesome, because of it’s high accuracy. If there’s a location service it might also be a good one :slight_smile:
Also only 2 days ago ESA launched four additional satellites. Once they go online the Galileo systems is somewhat fully functional. With the chip supporting both GPS and Galileo this means more choice ragarding the “location service provider”.

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One of my colleagues has updated this page to indicate that one of the MAX-M8 modules is being used in the development board. Looking at the overview, it seems to support positioning with Galileo. :slight_smile:

Having ordered the Librem5 from the Netherlands, I see quite a few reasons why it would be a good thing if it supports Galileo…

I think this would be a good feature. Ofc depends on the GPS modem.