Geary 43 with Comcast accounts

I have a perplexing situation with Geary. I have two Comcast email accounts. When I create the first account, everything works fine. However, when I create the secound account (with identical server settings), Geary is unable receive its messages and shows it in the Accounts list with only an “Outbox” folder. FWIW I get the same behavior running Geary 43 on my Ubuntu 22.10 PC. I can send and receive with the first account, but I can only send with the second account. I want to use Geary for email on my L5 but this is a deal-breaker. Could someone walk me through a troubleshooting process so I can find out what’s causing this behavior? TIA for any assistance offered.


If you log in to the second account in a browser (i.e.webmail), do you have full functionality?

Try the following hack: get the IPs of the two servers from the first account. Create two new entries in /etc/hosts with those IPs and change the names like this : smtp2… and imap2… Recreate the send account and put these new domain names. You might get a certificate warning, but if it works…

@amarok: I can log into the problem account with full functionality on the Xfinity website. I should also add that Geary is the only client that can’t connect and I’ve used all of the major (and plenty of the minor) clients in the last 20 years. BTW, I’m running the Flatpak version.

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@Jim: Ok, after doing as you suggested, a certificate trust window did pop up and I selected “Always trust this server”. Also, I changed the incoming email server to ‘’ as the dig app showed as resolving to that address. Although Geary no longer throws an error when contacting the server, in the Folders list on the left the mail account still shows just an Outbox folder.

Do you need to force it to refresh the list of folders? (although I can’t see how to do that) Put another way, do you need to delete the account and then re-add it?

So do you mean that you did not edit /etc/hosts? And instead you took advantage of the fact that the original server domain name resolves to a CNAME in DNS? (which is a much cleaner way of getting different server domain names)

After deleting the config file for the account, changing the /etc/hosts file to the IP address shown by ‘dig’ and then deleting/recreating the account in Geary, same behavior. Account still showing in account list with only the Outbox folder listed.