Geary and gmail Librem 5

Does any know of another email client for the Librem 5 that is adaptive and able work with gmail?

What protocol? IMAP? POP? Something else?

Are you saying that geary doesn’t work with gmail?

Obviously most customers here would be hesitant to do anything with the googleborg. I certainly don’t have an account to test with.

I would understand the question like a question for alternative convergent e-mail clients.
I don’t use Gmail, but I guess that every E-Mail provider supports IMAP, POP, and SMTP and this would include Gmail.

I use Thunderbird because for me it is important to not render html E-Mails and Thunderbird gives me such options. But it is a desktop client so it is not really convergent and not really intended to be used on a mobile device. So it does not fully match the criteria of 2disbetter.

I believe gmail has started requiring authentication using OAUTH2, which makes it harder. (I used to use gmail with claws-mail which worked fine, but stopped when it wasn’t enough with “allow insecure apps” in the gmail settings).

[edit] there might be simpler ways, I haven’t looked at it in detail. [/edit]


Yeah I understand. I don’t like gmail but sadly a lot of my business contacts are through it. I think i am going to try Evolution because that seems to work well enough in landscape.


I use thunderbird even though it does not scale well I can use the dock for more than minor email use and it works with any email (even gmail) . I also setup gmail to forward to email for someone who was quite tied to gmail and wanted to slowly migrate from gmail monitoring / tracking . It is understandable that when using a gmail address for 20 years a cold turkey cut is almost not doable, but a seamless migration is possible if desired :wink: .

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That could be it. I guess in that case it may be appropriate for @2disbetter to ask the Geary people whether they do support / are in the process of implementing / definitely won’t support / … OAUTH2.

I think it is trying to access gnome online accounts. However when I try to add a google account the thing hangs, and never advances. My guess is that Geary is using gnome settings to use google accounts and this already works with OAUTH2 (my guess). Only it doesn’t seem to be working in PureOS.

It isn’t the end of the world, because I can still log in to gmail via firefox.

Right now I’m working with Evolution through a backup configuration I took from the Reform. Will work on it this evening.

I think I found that for some accounts in Geary, it was easier to set the account up with dummy information that definitely works and then manually edit the config file. However if gmail requires OAUTH2, and Geary supports OAUTH2, I have no idea of the required syntax.

I ran into a similar problem with Gmail at work. Our scanners in the office use a Gmail account to send the scans to the user’s email account. Of course, none of those scanners could use OAUTH2.

To get around this problem, I set up an “App Specific Password” for each machine in the Gmail account settings. Each machine has its own password, even though they all use the same account. Doing that, I was able to get around the OAUTH2 requirement. At least it worked for SMTP. I do not know about IMAP or POP, but I would image it would work for either of those protocols as well.

You might give that a try?

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I hope you don’t work in a high security environment - because automatically involving the googleborg for every single page that is scanned is very doubtful control of information.

I would have set up a local SMTP relay so that initially the scan stays within the organisation and so that you then have the option of enforcing any local security policies regarding where the scanned document goes after that and any other relevant conditions.

Thanks for your concern, but no, not a high security environment.

I get where you are coming from, though. I trust the Goomonster about as far as I can throw them. And when I say “them” I mean every employee, every piece of hardware, and every building they own thrown all at once… so not at all. LOL

For our needs, setting up a local SMTP relay would be far more of a headache than it would be worth. Especially considering almost all of those email would be going to either a Gmail account or an Exchange 365 server anyway.

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In my experience, Gmail is a massive pain to access via IMAP/SMTP. I find that usually the simplest and most reliable way to use it is via webapp.