Geary configuration problem

I’ve just received my Librem5 and I’m trying to set up the Geary email client but had no success.

Basically it refuses my IMAP server host name by displaying a red border around its input box and a small no way icon besides it.

I try to connect to my personal IMAP server and have double checked that the TLS certificates are not expired and valid (they’re managed by letsencrypt).

Running geary --debug-imap led to no extra information at all.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you using a non-default port?

PS If you think it may be a certificate problem then you should make sure that your Librem 5 is up to date (latest CA certificates). I would do that before setting up Geary.

I would also fault isolate by configuring for a different IMAP server, if another IMAP server is available to you.

PPS Confirm DNS is working correctly to resolve your hostname.

I’ve just tried with openssl s_client -connect myimap:993 and I can open the connection without any problems. This should rule out any DNS or certificates problem.

I have no other IMAP server available right now. My setup is pretty standard, Dovecot serving the IMAP and Postfix for the SMTP (which gives the same problem in Geary).

Thanks for all the hints

I would install and use tcpdump to monitor the IP traffic, port etc. I.e. run:

sudo tcpdump -n -i wlan0
sudo tcpdump -n -i wwan0

depending if you’re on Wifi or data mobile, to see the traffic.

I know it doesn’t help much but I can attest that Geary to IMAP server over TLS can work. I’ve been using it for over a year, and it gets a regular workout (at least daily). (The down side of that is that I configured it a long time ago, so I can’t remember what problems if any I had.)

That is a pity because …

I think there might be a problem where it gets really picky during setup and it is difficult to get through the GUI setup but once you have got any IMAP server configured using the GUI you can (e.g.) restart the phone, edit the Geary config file (location linked above) to put in the details for the real IMAP server, start Geary, and then finally it will work.