Geary hates there an alternative or a tweak?

Geary seems to have problems with courier imap which I have on the two main servers I use.
if I could disable conversations maybe that would help it tries to move entire conversations… and if there a way to have it mark mail for deletion, instead of moving to another folder. I tried making brand new email accounts with the INBOX prefix not set, and it seemed ok at first but it still had problems before long. I use thunderbird normally, but that is not fitting on the screen so I wonder if there are any workable alternatives as geary is seeming so far from usable. The new address I have does seem to work MUCH better but I still need to disable the threaded conversations setting to use it well even on that account. also if it could made to not look for new mail on all the subfolders that might help immensely. Is there better imap client that works on the phone’s small screen size?

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Maybe capture IMAP session logs and raise it with the Geary people, so that things can be improved.

Geary is light on for settings. So most of the time the behaviour that it has is the behaviour that you have to accept. To be clear … you are saying that there is no setting to disable threaded conversations?

I prefer “move to Trash” over “mark for deletion” but I do understand that many people prefer the opposite.

How about a helvetia-imap? Or an arial-imap?


Geary hates Mailenable-imap as well. It doesn’t want to display input messages though sent msgs show OK. I use desktop mode and have installed Claws-mail which works well, though window sizes have to be initially customized manually to user preference in accountrc config file, they can’t be resized using the mouse. FYI

I know that marking for deletion requires much less work on the server side than actually moving the email to a different location hence I higher likelihood for failure… for example say someone emailed a huge attachment etc

@tracy were right to duck :wink: as asking a person to replace their server for the sake of a client is a bit crazy even if they have the rights to do so it is almost a never a free component that can easily be swapped unless imap is was the only thing said person was running … most definitely not a option for me … but thanks anyway

It was just a word play on font names. I wouldn’t know a thing about imap servers, except maybe the proper port number to use for

My comment was purely as a user i.e. preferred user experience. What happens on the server side is not my problem. :slight_smile:

I run email servers in my day job. I install dovecot in preference to courier-imap. It can read/write the same maildir mailbox format, so you can try it and then revert if necessary.
I have no experience with geary so far so I don’t know if it is more or less compatible.

I also run email servers and have switched from dovecot to courier IMAP many years back for many benefits most of which related to integration with other services, but the part that I suspect might be causing it some issue for geary is the default setting of prefix=INBOX. The act of changing a mail server which is considerably integrated , and has hundreds of other users in hopes that this mail client might handle things better is more than I am willing to try, but I did consider making a separate dovecot server as a test even though there is no chance of me migrating to it just for this little very ineffective client that has almost no settings to toggle . Thanks for the input though

Maybe capture IMAP session logs and raise it with the Geary people, so that things can be improved.