Geary presentation issues

Geary works on my Librem 5 (scaling is generally ok) but I find it very inconvenient because:

  • when opening it following an email notification, the list of messages (sorted in reverse chronological order) is not moved to the top so the new message is not visible in the list

  • only first names of participants in a conversation are shown in the message list while I have no clue about people first name in many cases

  • when opening a conversation, it is frequent that the date shown for all messages is “yesterday”, then I have no clue in which order the messages came, which is first and which is last

  • when sorting the message list in reverse chronological order, conversations are sorted at the date/time of the first message, so when a new message is received, it remains far away from new messages and hard to find

Is there a way to change these things? Or to disable conversation view (would solve 3 out of 4 above issues)?

I tried email clients that I am more familiar with, such as Evolution and Claws-Mail but I have not managed to make them usable on the Librem 5 screen.


I’m using the MUA mutt in the terminal app which works very fine and the same way as on my FreeBSD laptops.

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With the default terminal app on the Librem 5, I can see 44 characters per line. Is it what you are using for mutt? How does the message list look like?

I am asking because what I see on the screen capture at seems unlikely to fit well on such a narrow screen, and portrait mode is unusable when the virtual keyboard shows up.

Besides, do you configure mutt as IMAP/SMTP client or are you using a separate MRA/MTA? When I was a student, I was using elm but it was on a host with a permanent connection and the MTA was configured by my university admin, I had nothing to do for it.

Thanks for the pictures, that gives a good idea.

It looks usable to some extent (13 characters for subjects in the message list is a bit small), I will try it but I suspect I’ll end up not reading emails on the phone.

you can format the list line to your needs, shorten the sender and enlarge the subject, with printf style syntax.

I was asked to attach other screens not containing personal mail addrs (I’ve payed attention with the old ones to use only mail addrs from public visible mailing list or forums). Here they are

index list:

single mail:

reply, editing the mail with vim: