General bug reporting for Byzantium Librem 5 Base Applications

Are bugs for Base Applications (eg., “Settings” or Gnome Control) being tracked differently for Byzantium than Amber? I ask because I see this at, where I went to report a bug in settings (emphasis mine):
Fork for librem5 specific settings in amber-phone. You likely want
Does this mean I should report bugs from my Byzantium L5 somewhere else, or am I reading too much into it?

Did I say something wrong? Anyone? @dos? @dcz? :cricket: :cricket: :cricket:

The bugs I wanted to report (because I can’t find out if they’ve been reported):

  1. During setup, when setting the keychain password, the text of the confirmation dialogue (second screen, where you re-enter the password to confirm) doesn’t make any sense. I can’t remember the topic, but it was definitely not describing re-entering the password.
  2. In the “Display” settings, the "Night Light’ option does nothing.

Please, where should these be reported? Here?

Tbh I’m a little confused myself, cause some projects moved to GNOME, and some have forks maintained by us, and I’m best informed about the ones I am close to (not control-center). I’ll ask about.

EDIT: is the place.


Byzantium’s gnome-control-center lives at

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BTW. That’s actually lack of support for adjusting gamma ramps in kernel’s display stack.


This mean I shouldn’t report it as a bug if it’s a known issue, then, right?

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